Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, which perfectly coincides with the launch of the much anticipated, action-packed movie, Captain Marvel.  My daughter is a HUGE Marvel fan, so this movie is a very big deal in our house! After watching her first Marvel movie, Captain America, she was hooked and wanted to watch them all… 20 movies to be exact! I look forward to watching this female empowering movie with her, which focuses on heroism, friendship and strength.

The Captain Marvel tagline is “Discover What Makes Her a Hero” and it does make me wonder what it takes to be a hero? Is it a special physical ability, super power, or even alien birth?! There are moments in our life where we find courage, selflessness, humility, and patience in situations we never expected. It’s those moments that bring out the hero in each of us. Sometimes it can be as simple as opening the door for someone or helping a person in need – But we all have the moment to make the conscious choice to be a hero in someone else’s life. It’s a matter of making that choice, and doing the right thing, when the time calls.

While I enjoy watching these action movies with my family, I hope my kids realize that they have the potential to be a hero each and every day – without the alien birth!