As the COVID-19 crisis impacted our lives in March 2020, we never could have imagined the lifestyle changes we’d all have to make in order to lessen the impact of the virus on our healthcare system. Terms like, “essential workers”, and “social distancing” became a familiar part of our vocabulary, as we adapted to shelter-at-home orders. As it has been a unique time in history, our communities have come together more than ever to help support those in need, along with those who are essential and working daily to keep shelves stocked and save lives.

As new priorities came into sight, our gratitude exploded for those working on the front lines during the COVID-19 crisis. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, pharmacists, and everyone who supports patient care have stepped up to the occasion to care for our communities. While many of us are safe at home, we’re all looking for something to do to help those who are working tirelessly to keep us healthy and well.

Our team wanted to find a way to contribute to essential workers and show our appreciation. We brainstormed a few ways to help support those who work in hospitals and decided that sending a fun message of gratitude and encouragement was our goal, knowing that comfort was key.

As a result, our team designed “You Rock” socks for our healthcare friends, to make them feel appreciated. The socks can be ordered as a unique care package that can be bundled and personally delivered to the hospitals, as thanks to all the critical care teams that keep us safe and healthy. If you have healthcare or essential workers in mind that you’d like to support, give us a call to order, and we will deliver directly to local hospitals.

Our many thanks to the healthcare community for sacrificing so much to save those who need it!