As many businesses and restaurants shuttered their doors this spring, local non-profit organizations were considered essential and continued supporting community members in need, regardless of the deep impact COVID-19 had on their mission.

Hope House Kansas City, a non-profit organization that educates and supports survivors of domestic violence, was one service that remained open and functioning throughout all closures. Hope House not only provides shelter to victims who need to leave an abusive home, they also provide a path of escape and prevention, by creating a plan and legally advocating for the victim so they are able to leave the relationship.

As our team learned that the pandemic had a large impact on those suffering from domestic violence, especially with stay at home orders, we knew we needed to help. Hope House advocates and volunteers have continued to work throughout to attend court hearings, assist with safe exchanges of children, and participate in legal and other advocacy services, which places them at higher risk of exposure. As some counties have recently enforced mask requirements, especially in courtroom settings, it’s more important now than ever that Hope House volunteers have the PPE supplies to continue their work.

That’s why, during the month of July, we decided to do a mask donation drive for Hope House. For every mask order placed, we will donate 50 masks to Hope House Kansas City. It’s a unique way for businesses to stock up on mandatory supplies, while at the same time, supporting survivors and volunteers in need. Each mask serves a larger purpose in the process of victims becoming survivors, and we’re happy to support this cause. You can place a mask order through our website, or give us a call at (816) 540-6363.

If you’d like to learn more about Hope House and the services they offer, visit their website, at Direct donations to Hope House are always welcome and encouraged – You may donate by visiting their website.